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During every Chinese New Year, a messy table filled with colourful vegetables is a common sight, thanks to the yusheng. The messier the table, the more huat the year, right?

It's a must-have for Singaporeans every Chinese New Year, though most commonly eaten during the seventh day of Chinese New Year to celebrate Ren Ri. Saying auspicious phrases to usher in blessings and good fortune for the rest of the year, we toss the salad with chopsticks as high as we can!

Today, the yusheng we're all so familiar with is known as qicai yusheng (七彩鱼生, seven-coloured raw fish salad), and is commonly served in restaurants during the festive season. Also referred to as facai yusheng (发财鱼生, prosperity raw fish salad) or xinnian yusheng (新年鱼生; CNY raw fish salad), this colourful take on yusheng is a Singapore special from the 1960s.

Being a once-in-a-year activity, you may have forgotten the steps (tsk tsk...) and the ingredients to put in. Here's the step-by-step guide you've been looking for to toss your yusheng like a boss and huat the whole year through.

lohei num 1

Raw Fish
生鱼(shēng yú)


(nián nián yǒu yú)


To have an abundance of something throughout the year, for money, food or even grades (you get the idea).

The Chinese word for abundance, ‘余’, has the same pronunciation as fish, ‘鱼’, hence, we add fish to the yusheng!

柚子 (yòu zi)



(dà jí dà lì)


To have good prosperity, fortune and luck.

lohei num 1
lohei num 1

Pepper and
Five Spice Powder
(hú jiāo fěn hé wǔ xiāng fěn)


(zhāo cái jìn bǎo)


To attract and usher wealth and prosperity into your life. These ingredients are usually packed in red sachets similar to the red packets (angbaos in Hokkien) given during Chinese New Year to symbolise luck and wealth.




(cái yuán guǎng jìn, yī běn wàn lì)

Pro tip

Drizzle the oil in a circular motion over the Yu Sheng to symbolize wealth flowing in from all directions!


To let riches flow into your life and increase profits by 10,000 fold. Since oil was a valuable and precious commodity in the past, it signifies flowing wealth in yusheng today.

lohei num 1
lohei num 5

(hóng luó bo)


(hóng yùn dāng tóu)


For good luck to arrive in your life. Red in Chinese (红) has the same pronunciation as “鸿” in “鸿运”, which means “luck”.

Green Radish
青萝卜 (qīng luó bo)



(qīng chūn yong zhù)

Pro tip

Say this to your favourite elder for extra angbao.


To be forever young and experience eternal youth. The Chinese word for green (青) is also used in “青春”, which means “youth”.

lohei num 1
lohei num 7

White Radish
(bái luó bo)


(bù bù gāo shén, fēng shēng shui qi)


Prosperity in business and promotion at work, progress quickly and reach greater heights.

Sesame Seeds and
Crushed Peanuts
(zhī má hé huā shēng fěn)


(jīn yín mǎn wū, shēng yì xīng lóng)


For your home to be filled with silver and gold, and may your business flourish with increasing profits.

lohei num 8
lohei num 7

Golden Crackers
(báo cuì bǐng gān)


(mǎn dì huáng jīn)


For the entire floor to be filled with gold, representing immense wealth. The crunchy golden brown crackers actually signify pieces of gold!

Plum Sauce
(suān méi jiàng)


(tián tián mì mì)


For a blissful life that is as sweet as plum sauce.

lohei num 8

Shout: “Huat ah” or any auspicious phrases such as: 学业进步,步步高升,财源滚滚,etc.

Some advanced-level phrases from our CNY Greetings are sure to impress everyone!

Pro tip

Cover your table with newspapers. When you're done with all your tossing, simply wrap up the newspapers and toss it into the bin for a fuss-free cleanup!

Through its many evolutions and adaptations in Singapore, yusheng has become the quintessential ritual to signify the start of the festive Chinese New Year celebrations.

Watch this video to get the full story about yusheng from Chef Benson and see if two youths can create their very own delicious yusheng from everyday ingredients!


Yusheng is also called lohei (捞起) in Cantonese, which means “tossing up good fortune”. Since it refers to business prosperity, the dish is popular amongst businessmen during Chinese New Year. It's believed that the higher you toss, the higher the chances of your wishes coming true! So just go all out and make as much of a mess as you want!

(Disclaimer: Make a mess at your own risk)

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