Chinese New Year 2022 | CNY 2022


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Lion dances, red decor, reunion dinners, red packets (angbaos in hokkien) etc. are a common sight every Chinese New Year. One could say that they are the bread and butter of the festival; without these traditions and practices, it certainly wouldn’t be Chinese New Year, would it?

If you look past the surface, you’ll find that everything we do during Chinese New Year has certain significance. Here are the cool origin stories and cultural contexts behind the CNY traditions we’re all so familiar with! Spot the Easter eggs! Or in this case, the mandarin oranges? Wait… there’s more! Check out the origin story behind Singapore’s yusheng and other distinctive Singaporean practices.

Want to know more about the meaning of Chinese New Year? Grasp the ins and outs of one of Singapore’s favourite holidays with Kaki Says: Chinese New Year!

The Legend of


The Story of the

Zodiac Race


Bai Tian Gong

The Origin of

Ren Ri

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