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These dumplings are usually filled with bean paste and come in different shapes like the typical pyramid or a slightly more unconventional parcel shape. The Cantonese also have a variation called the kee chang. Without filling, the rice is often slightly yellow in colour and is eaten as a sweet dish with white sugar or palm sugar syrup.


Hokkien rice dumplings use dark soy sauce and five-spice powder with their glutinous rice. A much more savoury alternative is filled with pork and chestnuts, wrapped into a pyramid shape with bamboo leaves.


You might mistake the Hokkien dumplings for Hainanese dumplings, but look out for the bigger ingredients such as pork belly or mushrooms. Everything is stir-fried individually before being wrapped to give it a stronger aroma.


Sweet, savoury, sweet AND savoury. With the Teochew dumpling, you’ll be spoilt for choice on how you want to treat your tastebuds. Although less commonly found in Singapore, you can look forward to finding red beans or lotus seed paste in the sweet ones or pork belly, mushrooms, and even salted egg yolks in the savoury ones.


One of the few rice dumplings that aren’t wrapped in bamboo leaves but with pandan leaves instead. This gives a unique fragrance to the dumplings. The candied winter melon inside also “amps” the sweetness. The unique characteristic of the nonya chang lies in its signature blue-coloured tip made from blue pea flowers.

how is it celebrated

It was believed that the fifth day of the fifth lunar month was an evil month, as it was the hottest period of the year when people were prone to fall sick. In some places, adults drink realgar wine, which is believed to help prevent diseases.

how is it celebrate

The most significant icon of this festival is probably the rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. It was said to be nourishing for women and children. Hence some Chinese also refer to this festival as the “Health Festival”.

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