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Curious about the rites and rituals during Qingming Festival? As these traditions are passed down through generations, we’re more than likely to question “why” we’re doing what we do when worshipping our ancestors. Understand the intricacies and the relevancy of its traditions and how the festival has continued to connect generations of people with their ancestral roots with our specially curated videos.

Keep traditions alive: We are Family

Equip yourself with the knowledge on the different practices of Qingming Festival as we follow two families on how they spent the day and how it’ll influence the generations to come. More videos here about the other Chinese festivals celebrated in Singapore too!

Kaki Says:
Qingming Festival

The smart and chipper Kaki will take you on a history journey on Qingming Festival. P/S: You can count on the adorable Kaki for a series of other festivals that are widely celebrated in Singapore too! Don’t say good things, never share.


Through this public lecture, find out why traditional practices like praying to your ancestors during Qingming Festival are losing their foothold in the younger family households in Singapore. Also, explore how the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of selected clan associations in Singapore and our cultural heritage have contributed to our Chinese Singaporean identity.

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